Wilson’s is a beautiful place for you to have a great time while discovering wonderful plants and products that will delight all your senses. We have full displays of the newest and best colorful plants that will stimulate you to want to garden. We have popcorn on the weekends and coffee each morning to enjoy as you browse. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with. You can browse through our display gardens during the season and relax and take in the beauty.


Brian Harry Mitzie Ned  Garden Center - Plant Nursery - Columbus Ohio

You can trust our people to treat you right and give you information that will make your gardening experience successful. We love plants and people and want you to be successful in your gardening and decorating efforts. Many of our staff are very experienced and full of practical knowledge on how to care for plants. We have designers who can place the right plant in the right place for you. Several of our staff are Certified Ohio Nurserymen.

You will find shopping at Wilson’s relaxing, fun, and personally rewarding. Gardening and Outdoor decorating is meant to be enjoyable. We work at making your efforts successful and your workload light.

“Wilson Grows”–We grow our own plants right here at Wilson’s for freshness, healthiness, and selection. Wilson’s has 2 acres of greenhouses that are stocked full of annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs, fruit plants, vegetables, interior plants, and more. We lovingly care for these plants because we know that well cared-for plants will grow the best for you. We constantly have a fresh supply for you to choose from. Plants that are grown locally are also more adapted for our environment. More of the money you spend on locally grown plants stays in the community, too.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


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